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Life Members

When the two clubs amalgamated in 1996 it was moved that all Life Members from the two previous clubs be carried to the new club.  Below is a list of Life Members and the club that nominated them. 

NameYearNominating ClubComments
Jack Tapp1959Junior Club
Amy McCallum1960Junior ClubDeceased
Barbara Parkes1975Junior Club
Bill Richardson1976Junior Club
Brian Fisher1976Junior Club
Jim Robertson1977Senior Club
Meryl Williams1977Senior Club
M Brennan1978Junior Club
Les Brennan1978Junior Club
Russell Hunter1979Junior Club
Vic Convery1980Senior ClubDeceased
Baden Ison1980Junior Club
Norma Brennan1981Junior Club
Jan Buchanan1981Senior Club
Betty Lettice1981Senior ClubDeceases
John Reid1982Junior Club
Wayne Broadbent1983Senior ClubDeceased
Doug Buchanan1983Senior Club
Robert Cain1983Senior ClubDeceased
Kenneth Lettice1983Senior Club
Allan Norman1983Senior Club
Steven Sohr1985Junior Club
Raymond Broadbent1986Senior Club
Max Smart1986Senior Club
Barry Gibson1987Junior Club
Allan Wallace1987Junior Club
Robert Bridge1988Senior Club
Robert Eades1988Senior Club
John Mitchell1988Senior Club
Sue Oliver1988Junior Club
Marshal Walkerden1988Junior Club
Stephen Knight1989Junior Club
Lindsy Osmond1989Senior Club
Michael Richardson1989Junior Club
Sue Broadbent1990Senior Club
Mark Mulhal1990Senior Club
David Pettit1990Senior Club
Gary Jones1991Senior ClubDeceased
Ronald Broadbent1992Senior Club
David R Hunter1992Senior Club
Kerry Matthews1992Senior Club
Paul Matthews1992Senior Club
Peter Stephenson1992Senior Club
Peter Westcott1992Senior Club
Mark Fisher1993Senior Club
John (Mark) Reid1993Senior Club
Ross Bowmaker1996Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Owen Sharp1996Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
John Waghorn1997Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Brad Paul2001Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Robert Seal2003Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Steve Pettit2003Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Paul Muir2003Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
David J. Hunter2004Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Judy Riley2006Swansea Soccer Club Inc.
Todd Jolley2007Swansea Football Club Inc.
Ben Moody2011Swansea Football Club Inc.
Mark Turrell2011Swansea Football Club Inc.
Howard Sanders2014Swansea Football Club Inc.
Kathy Sanders2014Swansea Football Club Inc.
Julie Ellercamp2019Swansea Football Club Inc.
Chris Williamson2019Swansea Football Club Inc.
Debi Davis2022Swansea Football Club Inc.
Jack Hillery2022Swansea Football Club Inc.

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If you know of anyone who has been given Life Membership of the above clubs and is not on this list or if any of the information is incorrect please contact :- Email the Secretary

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